TWO Stories From Oklahoma

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Something must be in the water in Oklahoma, because those people are acting nuts.  First, a high school valedictorian is being denied her diploma because she inadvertently said “Hell” instead of “heck” during her graduation speech.  Next, a 5 year-old boy got in trouble for wearing a Michigan shirt to his kindergarten class.

The high school valedictorian, during her speech, recalled the many times she has been asked what she will do after graduation.  Her response was “How the Hell do I know?”  Apparently, this is unacceptable since the pre-approved version of her speech that she submitted said, “How the heck do I know?”  Obviously, the school, in denying her the diploma, is not doing nearly enough.  Clearly, this menace to society should be behind bars as I type this.

Speaking of Hell, the Kindergartner’s sin was violating the school district’s dress code.  This dress code, which was implemented in an effort to eliminate gangs and gang apparel from the schools, prohibits any school apparel unless it is an Oklahoma school.  Knowing the intent and purpose of the code, perhaps administrators should exercise some commons-sense when interpreting and implementing it.  Or perhaps, young Cooper Barton is the diabolical ring-leader of an international drug cartel.   Take a look at his photo in the link below, and you be the judge.   I dunno, looks pretty guilty to me.

No Diploma for Valedictorian  |  Kindergarten Gangsta

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